I'll be back shortly…

Falldrop is the home of Manny Blum, that would be me. I am an Atlanta based web developer & designer. I am an advocate (or try to be) of clean, standards based, semantic markup.

photo of @mannyblum

I am currently busy learning new things, working with clients and trying to bring a new face to Falldrop. If you need to reach me, you can try sending me an .

In the mean time, you can learn a little more about me.

When I am not sharing random thoughts with my die-hard fans on twitter, I can be found hunching over my laptop, absorbing the internet… or reading a book… or watching 90s television on Netflix… or enjoying music in mono1… you get the idea.

Likes: HTML5, CSS3, Batman, The Decemberists, Dead Space 2, Scott Pilgrim, my iPhone, 8-bit anything

Dislikes: Shrimp, Broccoli. That's it, I pretty much only dislike those two things.

Fun Fact #1: I lost hearing in my left ear long ago. I've been Living Life in Mono™.